Death’s Door - an interactive game on Mixer!

Hi everyone, my name is Mark Cooke and I’m the CEO of Shiny Shoe, an indie development studio in San Francisco. I’m joined by Andrew Krausnick, our Creative Director, and today (October 30th 2017) we are launching Death’s Door – a totally new type of experience on Mixer.

Death’s Door is a gothic horror choose your own adventure RPG played on a single Mixer channel. Viewers collectively take the role of the Revenant, a risen hero on a path to defeat the great evil that has corrupted this mysterious kingdom. Along the way you’ll have to make tough choices, interact with other characters with their own motives, and gear up in order to achieve victory.

All viewers of the stream collectively control the game via Mixer Interactive. The community decides the path that the Revenant takes through a series of narrative, combat, and adventuring decisions that ultimately decide their fate. If the stream collectively succumbs to the dangers of the dungeon the Revenant arises again, carrying over some of what they earned on the previous life and able to make different choices based on what you have learned.

In addition, every playthrough is unique in its own way. Will you be a Templar? Mystic? Or Beastmaster? Those are just a few of the class options with their own starting equipment and skills that affect options available in the narrative. Each life will present its own challenges, choices, and rewards assembled from the many encounters that you can possibly come across in the world of Death’s Door.

Mixer technology makes Death’s Door possible. The combination of Interactive and a very low video stream delay have enabled us to create this new community-based game experience. I’d like to personally thank Ethan, Gersh, Richard, Natalia, and the rest of the Mixer team for helping make this possible.

We are very excited to share the game with you all and look forward to you joining the Death’s Door community and being a part of exploring this brand new world. Mixer is a place where communities are built and we can’t wait for you to join ours. We will be updating the game rapidly in response to community ideas and feedback, so please join us and tell us what you think in the stream chat or on our Discord channel.

Thanks and we’ll see you in the stream!