Our Mission

Shiny Shoe’s originality, technical savvy, experience and a true passion for game design create distinctive, sophisticated and polished work.

Polished is more than our tagline. It synthesizes our core philosophy, a commitment to refinement throughout the development process. From planning and budgeting through the labor-intensive tweaks that propel projects from good to great, Shiny Shoe builds games and apps so polished they shine.

Our business is founded on three core beliefs:


Whether it’s working closely with clients or developing our signature games, we’re committed to taking on challenging projects and exploring new creative territory—always looking to hone our existing tech skills and develop new ones.


Double Fine, Telltale, WB Games and other A-list clients appreciate our experience, meticulous craftsmanship and especially our commitment to the collaborative process.


Great game developers do it for love, not money, and our team thrives on the process of creating original, innovative work.

Our Expanding Team

Founded in 2011, we’re an integrated team of experienced industry professionals with a passion for designing and perfecting games, complemented by a growing staff of young, eager and amazingly talented creative and technical pros who bring unique insight to our work.

My favorite part of making games is creative problem solving.

Shiny Shoe’s Founder and CEO focuses on strategy, production management, business development, business intelligence/analytics, and design. His commitment to finessing all the technical and creative challenges of game development has solidified our reputation for refined, sophisticated work. A UC Berkeley grad, prior to launching Shiny Shoe, Mark held a series of increasingly challenging positions with Nihilistic Software, including Lead Gameplay Programmer and Lead Systems Designer. He also has international experience, previously acting as Lead Programmer at Tokyo, Japan-based Grasshopper Manufacture.

I love building stuff – whether it is art content, a team or a company.

Yujin manages Shiny Shoe’s artists, art content and content creation. Though he’s strong in many aspects of production, our highly experienced art director excels at Environment Art, creating 3D assets for game environments. With a background in fine art, he has more than 20 years of design and game development experience. Before joining Shiny Shoe, Yujin earned his MFA and was an Environment, UI and Prop Artist for Cyclone Studios and an Art Director and Department Head at Nihilistic Software, where he rose to a position on the studio’s Board of Directors.

I want to make games that are bigger than the box and stay with you long after you're done playing.

Andrew leads the creative direction of original Shiny Shoe game development. Favoring a design style that mixes wildly creative ideas with practical implementation, he is a perfect fit for the culture of innovation and polish at Shiny Shoe. Prior to joining Shiny Shoe, Andrew created and lead the hit online game Trove. He has a degree in Computer Science from Trinity University, over 600 games in his Steam library, and two very nice cats.

I like working with new and emerging technologies…and that I don’t have to dress up for work anymore.

Expert at cross-platform engine implementation and gameplay design and programming, this fan of casual dress is also highly adept at reversing legacy data & systems for modern integration, which he put to the test on Grim Fandango Remastered, Shiny Shoe’s update of the classic game for new platforms. Previously Trevor was a gameplay programmer at Nihilistic Software and a contract engineer at KIXEYE. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Business Administration.

Software development in the games industry is a unique combination of both technical challenge and artistic endeavor.

With more than 20 years as a C/C++ programmer, Matthew was instrumental in the creation of Puzzle Raiders, Shiny Shoe’s original Match-3 game released for Android and Apple iOS. A UC Berkeley grad with a degree in Physics, his previous experience includes programming positions with Neversoft Entertainment, LucasArt Entertainment Company and Nihilistic Software, where he was senior gameplay programmer. High-profile projects have included Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified and Star Wars Rebel Assault II.

I want to help design and build interactive experiences that will have a positive impact on people.

A newcomer to the games industry, Brendan focuses on the wide variety of engineering and design tasks at Shiny Shoe. His interest in new technologies and socially inclusive game design has made him a good fit on our team. Another UC Berkeley grad, Brendan joined our team after doing time as an Engineer in the Digital Music business, designing and building his own games at night to keep his creative juices flowing and feed his apparent hatred for spare time.


Whether it is traditional or with a digital medium I love creating art.

Graduate from the Academy of Art University in Visual Development. During his studies at the Academy Loy helped students with figure drawing, perspective and painting as a tutor. He also did a summer internship at Dreamworks Animation as a creative artist. Before going back to school, he spent over 10 years working as a Caricature Artist.

I love working with a cross-disciplinary team to create amazing games.

Rose joins the team as a gameplay and engine programmer. She first learned to program in order to make her own games, and continues to experiment with new ideas by participating in game jams. Before joining Shiny Shoe, she was a game programmer at GlassLab Games, a non-profit educational game studio. She has a degree in Computer Science from Haverford College.

Lemme try to whip up something really fast.

Leif is a graduate of the UC Santa Cruz Computer Game Design program who enjoys creating gameplay tools and systems to allow content creators to reach their creative vision. In addition to video games, Leif enjoys long walks on the beach, music and listing things. Before joining Shiny Shoe, he worked on his own independent projects exploring concepts of flow and cooperation. Also he hates writing bios about himself.

I love to be able to create emotion without the use of words.

Our favorite composer has created original music, jingles and sound effects for Shiny Shoe’s Puzzle Raiders and ViPR Strike games. We love the way Jordan’s work integrates digital and recorded music to produce a distinctive sound that’s becoming identified with our work. Previously, he has designed original “scholarly” RPGs for the Psychology Department at Santa Clara University (his alma mater). His outside projects have included original arrangements for a Final Fantasy VII cover album.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Game development is the perfect mix of self expression and interesting problem solving.

Brian has over 10 years as a game industry programmer, working on everything from AAA game engines to casual games to board games. He specializes in gameplay and UI/UX development, skills he utilized as Lead Engineer at Elephant Mouse prior to joining Shiny Shoe. Brian attended graduate school at WVU, where he researched procedural content generation, high-performance computing, and data mining. He is a bit of a board game nerd and a lover of indie games.

I enjoy solving problems with programming languages, regardless of the technology.

Steve has been programming since his elementary school got an Apple IIe, right at the turn of the 18th century. He graduated from Minnesota State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, and a minor in Mathematics. His previous work includes a variety of programming, design, and business related duties at Nihilistic Software and a wide array of programming projects outside of games in the more traditional business world. He has also wasted just enough of his life to learn how to juggle seven balls.