Announcing Our Next Game: Inkbound

We are excited to share our latest game, Inkbound, a co-op roguelike fantasy RPG! From the creators behind the award winning game Monster Train, our latest game draws from the aspects that made Monster Train so special and places them in a world where books come to life.

In anticipation of the game’s launch at the beginning of 2023, we released the first teaser for Inkbound, showcasing the game’s multiplayer as well as solo gameplay, atmospheric worldbuilding, as well as crafting powerful character builds in procedurally generated runs.

A small community of testers were brought into the project Spring 2022 as part of the studio’s approach to rapidly iterate on gameplay with feedback from players. The alpha preview of Inkbound will be available for thousands of players for the first time ever in a few short months.

Players interested in being among the first to play Inkbound can learn more by joining the Inkbound Discord server.

At launch, Inkbound will be available as Early Access. The game will also have in-game transactions (although not pay-to-win) for players to customize their characters more fully.

To learn more about Inkbound’s upcoming launch, check out the game’s Steam page.

Since Monster Train, we’ve made progress realizing their vision of releasing a completely in-house developed and published game. Our team of developers has grown and are hard at work on our newest game.

We are so happy to bring you Inkbound and are excited to see the community reaction. To join that community, check us out on Discord, Twitter, and Twitch!

See you in the Atheneum!

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