The Monster Train has left the station and now its finally time to share the launched game. We can’t wait to hear your feedback. During the development phase you were invaluable in helping to shape Monster Train into the game it is today. We’d like to share our joy and celebrate by offering a limited time 10% Steam discount during the launch week.

BUT there is even more awesome news to share. One of the beautiful things about Indie game development is the close-knit community. In the spirit of supporting each other, we’re pleased that Anthony Giovannetti - Megacrit Games Co-Founder (the developers of Slay the Spire), will be hanging out with the devs at 5PM PT/ 8PM EDT/ 2AM CEST for a live roundtable discussion of the genre and some great tales of the gaming scene. Come join Mark, Andrew and Anthony as we celebrate the launch of Monster Train and our passion for deck-building card games. We’re extending a special thank you to Megacrit Games by offering an additional 10% off at launch for those who own Slay The Spire for a combined 20% discount until May 28.

We are thrilled to finally release Monster Train and look forward hearing about your favorite moments. Please share screenshots, tell your friends and leave a review on Steam to help the game accelerate to success.

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