Monster Train The Last Divinity DLC Announcement

Glorious news, the steam page for the first Monster Train DLC is live. The Last Divinity will launch March 25th, 2021.

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Fast buyers will benefit from the 10% launch discount in the first week after launch.

Did you know, its easy to switch between the base game content and the additional DLC content. This makes it super easy to play with players not owning the DLC (although they should get it to maximise their Monster Train experience!).

Quick reminder, the DLC will feature epic new content expansion for Monster Train, bringing new challenges, more replayability, and a new clan!

Short overview of the features:

  • A new clan, the Wurmkin
  • Pact Shards; the new currency bringing benefits at a cost
  • The Last Divinity endboss
  • Unity synthesis; combine two monster units into one
  • New rare cards for Existing Clans
  • New Concealed Caverns Events
  • 5 New non clan specific cards
  • 10 new mutators
  • 5 new expert challenges
  • 3 new mastery card frames to unlock

We are looking forward seeing you all on the 25th when we take the train again down to the depths of hell!

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