• Multiplayer
  • Rougelike
  • Strategy

About the Game

Inkbound is an online co-op roguelike RPG that shares the DNA of dense, interesting decisions and high replay value from our award-winning title Monster Train. While on procedurally generated runs, players will draft upgrades to their abilities, judge risk/reward decisions about what paths to choose, and coordinate effectively in tactical battles.


Co-op Roguelike Adventures

Inkbound is an online-only game that's been designed with cooperative gameplay in mind. Players can embark on solo adventures, but earning the best loot in the game will require playing with others.

Unique Active Battle System

Inkbound’s combat system lands between an ARPG and a deep tactics game. Turns are snappy and quick, but players can slow down if needed to coordinate effectively.

Long-Term Replayability

From the start, we have designed Inkbound to be a living game. It's an experience that will be continually updated with bold new worlds, powerful loot, devious enemies, and surprising gameplay systems. None of these updates will be locked behind a paywall.

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Announcing Our Next Game: Inkbound

We are excited to share our latest game, Inkbound, a co-op roguelike fantasy RPG! From the creators behind the award winning game Monster Train, our latest game draws from the aspects that made Monster Train so special and places them in a world where books come to life. In anticipation of the game’s launch at […]
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